Our Process is as simple as 6 easy steps...


STEP 1 | Initial Contact


Your first step!  We connect in person, via email or over the phone.


STEP 2 | Initial Consult 


A 3-hour in home/office consult.  We will start by outlining your needs, expectations and both your short and long term goals.  Together we will come up with an action plan and timeline.  Then we start the organizing process.


STEP 3 | Sorting


Phase 1 | MACRO-SORT 

This is where we sort through the area(s) of concern.  We sort your belongings into broad categories; putting similar items together.  Separating items for charity, recycling, and garbage along the way.   

Phase 2 | MICRO-SORT

 Here we take the piles from Phase 1 and sort through them again, grouping them into smaller sub-categories.  Again separating items for charity, recycling, and garbage along the way.


STEP 4 | Make it Functional 


Here we use containers, boxes, hangers, bins, hooks, labels, jars, etc. to put your items back into the space in an organized fashion.  We will find the most effective and efficient place for your belongings and make sure the new organizational system works for you and your family/office or colleagues.  We can reuse items from your home or purchase new supplies.  There is an array of options to choose from.

STEP 5 | Make it Pretty 


Some clients want more then help organizing, some want a little extra added to their service.  For example: a coat of paint, building shelves, hanging pictures, installing a new closet system etc.  We can help you create your vision of a beautiful space.

STEP 6 | Follow Up


We recommend follow up sessions to the initial project. This helps us determine if the plan we developed together is working for you.  This is a great way for us to continue to support you with your organizing goals. 

We recommend booking follow up appointments throughout the year.  As the seasons change, activities change and life gets busy again.  Hope to hear from you soon.